WhistleLine, the internal reporting channel for Whistleblowers

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Is WhistleLine for you?

You are a Whistleblower

Welcome to WhistleLine, it is likely that you have received a private link from your company. For privacy reasons, we do not publish these links and they are not accessible via the menu. Please feel free to use this link.

You are an organisation

Welcome to WhistleLine, for both the public and private sectors, we offer a comprehensive service for collecting, securing and tracking reports by Whistleblowers.

What do we offer?

An report management platform compliant with Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons reporting violations of Union law managed by WhistleLine facilitators or not.

  • For whistleblowers: a fully secure, highly protected channel and confidential and/or anonymous access to professional facilitators.
  • For organisations: discreet, independent and neutral management and analysis of reports. Meticulous preparation of files, effective and discreet assistance in resolving reports. You will have an internal, personalised channel, perfectly in line with legislation and integrated into your CSR policy.

Companies and organisations with 250 or more employees must provide an internal report channel now. Companies with between 50 and 250 employees have two years to comply.

We also provide assistance at all levels of preparation: raising the awareness of the management board, informing employee representatives, implementing internal communication, investigation channels, etc.

Who are WhistleLine ?

WhistleLine® is a registered trademark of GDPR Agency SRL®.

We are an experienced data protection company. Based on our experience in a sensitive area, we have decided to extend our services to include support for whistleblowers.

GDPR Agency is already known for its activity in compliance with the GDPR and the provision of Data Protection Officers (DPOs). This particular situation allows us to guarantee a real experience of independence, strict respect of professional secrecy and confidentiality rules.

Benefits of the WhistleLine solution:

  • WhistleLine is an independent platform, not linked to any other service;
  • WhistleLine facilitators all have DPO experience and are therefore very committed to the principles of confidentiality and business secrecy, which ensures that the organisation works very efficiently and discreetly;
  • WhistleLine surrounds itself with many experts in all fields in order to correctly validate the reports;
  • WhistleLine has put in place extensive technical and organisational measures to protect Whistleblowers and reports;
  • All communications between WhistleLine and the Whistleblower are end-to-end encrypted;
  • WhistleLine uses proven, industry-leading tools, which allow for an external audit of the platform to ensure that the process is watertight;
  • You choose the WhistleLine platform alone or with a facilitation service. We can take care of the training of your internal facilitator;
  • WhistleLine can take care of informing employee representatives and raising awareness among your management board;
  • WhistleLine is not linked to any company secretariat or external HR department, the separation from the organisation's HR departments is guaranteed.

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