WhistleLine supports whistleblowers and facilitates the resolution of reports

Whistleblower's Guide


This is a natural person who reports information about violations that he or she has obtained in the course of his or her professional activities.


Acts or omissions that contravene EU laws and are included in a restrictive list of areas. The list of areas is described below.

Reporting channel

This is the means put in place by an organisation and framed by a procedure for the Whistleblower to report a violation. WhistleLine is a reporting channel.

Areas concerned

(Material scope of application)

Public procurement
Financial services, products and markets and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
Product safety and conformity
Transport safety
Environmental protection
Radiation and nuclear safety
Safety of food and feed, animal health and welfare
Public health
Consumer protection
Protection of privacy and personal data, and security of networks and information systems
Other (violations affecting the financial interests of the European Union, violations relating to the internal market, etc.)



The Whistleblower (the author of the report) completes the online reporting form* on this website (the address of which has in principle been communicated by the organisation to which he/she belongs). Reporting is subject to important confidentiality measures and the whistleblower's anonymity is guaranteed, only WhistleLine knows the Whistleblower's identity.

(*) Other channels are possible, such as a reserved telephone number.

Receipt and protection

The Whistleblower receives an acknowledgement of receipt from WhistleLine who will accompany the Whistleblower throughout the procedure. A facilitator* is appointed for this purpose. As soon as the Whistleblower makes their report, he or she is protected against any disciplinary, discriminatory or retaliatory measures from the organisation. Confidential exchanges between WhistleLine and the Whistleblower allow the file to be completed. These exchanges are end-to-end encrypted.

(*) The facilitator is a member of the WhistleLine (recommended solution) or is appointed by the organisation. WhistleLine facilitators are subject to professional secrecy and trained specifically for this task.


WhistleLine contacts the organisation as part of the investigation of the report while guaranteeing the anonymity of the Whistleblower.